Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Synonyms for Scary, Spooky, or Frightening.

If you are writing a Halloween article (or some such other paralyzing piece of terrifying imagery that only your warped and twisted mind could develop), then you will need some super duper spine tingling words to enhance this work of pure devilry

You need to know what another word (or synonym as they are more professionally termed) for scary, spooky or frightening is.

Yep...the written word is an amazing place to visit. In a single sentence you can climb a mountain that leads you dangling amongst the clouds, visit with fairy creatures deep in a primitive forest, or dive deep down under the ocean to hunt out ancient artifacts. 

Unfortunately, if you find that you cannot for the life of you think up another word to replace the one that you have already used ten times over again in your article, then language can also be a frightening, disconcerting, horrendously evil place to be trapped.

You can find yourself in a real fine fix. You just know that your instructor is not going to appreciate what you are going to hand in to him. So what do you do?

Hmm? Let us think about this in terms which you will be more easily able to understand....startling, appalling, disconcertingly fear inspiring ones perhaps
So there you are, sitting at your computer keyboard, and busily typing up the brilliant masterpiece that you are planning to complete this very evening. Of course, it has to be a work of fiction that depicts one of the most alarming scenes that your crippled imagination is capable of dreaming up. 

It is dark outside, it is raining, and you can hear the wind blowing the raindrops eerily against your bedroom window as you sit there.

(Of course just as one would expect from this image, your parents are out for the evening, and you are the only one left at home.....ALL ALONE.)

You have your trusty dictionary sitting on the desk beside you and on top of it sits your Thesaurus. If those backup plans fail than you can always rely on Google to help you find the words that you need. You are faultlessly, flawlessly, perfectly completely prepared to do battle with any word that might attempt to elude you. 

So let us begin this apprehensively horrifying tale of mystery and intrigue...   (hee hee).

A Mysterious Synonym Assignment:

The night is dark and the fog is every where. I thought that I knew my way home but now I am just not sure which direction to head. I can hear footsteps behind me, and whenever I stop, they do too. I am terrified.The fear, and unrelenting panic wells up into my throat and, threatens to choke me. 

No one should feel that they have the right to terrorize another human being in such a hideous, odious, and gruesome manner as this individual is now attempting to do to me. I query in a trembling voice,"who is there?".

...but no one answers. I continue walking but this time at a little faster pace. The eerie, creepy, weirdly uncanny quiet surrounds me.

I can feel the cold, ghostly, unearthly, specter-like, shadow of the phantom character who follows me. The stranger is drawing closer to me, and I can feel the paralyzing coolness of his breath on the back of my neck, I am scared to death.

His skeletal hand snakes out and grabs mine. My heart stops dead.

I am stupefied, petrified, scared witless, numb, and half out of my skin from the sheer terror of the situation. I cannot run, I am so crazed that I cannot move even the smallest muscle in my body, I am frozen in my tracks.

It is at this moment that he laughs. It is hideous, and beyond rational thought, or remorse.

He sounds like he is obsessed, or possessed, I am not sure which. I simply stand there like an apparition of a presence, shape, or idolatress of this disembodied spirit. The fog has turned putrid around us. It is thick and dripping with the sticky black liquid that weighs it down.

The air is almost too heavy to any longer be breathed by mere mortals, and I find myself gasping for relief, but there is too little oxygen to breathe. The demon figure spins me to face him.

The alarm, dread, panic, fear, horror, cowardice, terror, fright, awe, phobia, anxiousness, worry, unease, apprehension, and absolutely irrational concern for this spooky, scary, ghoulish, fiend-like figure envelope me.

He winces as though in pain and then casually reaches out to gently touch the horn in the middle of my forehead. He quickly pulls his hand away with a softly whispered, "Funky". It is all that he has to say then the figure turns and slowly walks away.

I cannot help but smile at this unorthodox compliment so rakishly given on this sweetly eerie All-Hallows-Eve and giggle at my insecurities.
My name is Lorelei but on the internet I am known as Ladymermaid. I write on the internet because I love to. It is my passion, my play, my hobby and my work. 

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Get out there and enjoy all the opportunities that blogging now affords writers.

Spooky doesn't have to be scary.
Keep your writing fun.